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Hello beautiful soul, I'm Chantell. A Spiritual Mentor & Master Healer.

Empowering you to heal + activate power & freedom from within.

Surrender the struggle, embody your magic!

If you're here, chances are you're searching for answers to: 


  • How to find clarity in a world that's so noisy. 

  • How to make the right decisions for yourself rather than let society dictate what it is you're meant to do and how to do it – F*ck the rules! 

  • Balancing your spiritual practices with living life in a meaningful way in this modern world. 

  • You're sick of your current situation and the things that aren't working whether it be the relationship, the business, the job, the lack of motivation.  

  • How to leverage your unique energetic blueprint in order to feel confident within yourself while achieving your goals. (Taking your unique journey personally, we get that it's not a one size fits all.) 


My role: Helping you claim ownership of your life in way that feels empowering + anchored.  

Challenging you to define success on your own terms. Teaching you to practice self-trust aka listening to your own inner wisdom and loving yourself. And always reminding you that you are enough + whole + capable. 


(Because it’s true. You really are.) 


I do this through spiritual, energetic, and practical guidance. It's time to let go of the self-sabotage, to surrender the struggle and embody your magic. Let's bridge the spiritual world with your everyday so you're clear, grounded, and achieving from a place of alignment together!  



1 Week of Support

Feeling stuck in a rut or navigating a period of change? this offer is designed to supercharge your self-development journey. Break free from limitations and accelerate your growth with personalized guidance tailored to your unique challenges

$999 USD


2 Weeks of Support

Ready to give your self-development journey a meaningful boost? This offer is all about nurturing your progress, overcoming challenges, and embracing your path to personal growth. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and create lasting positive change.

$1,777 USD


1 Month of Support

You’ve been doing the work, but nothing seems to be truly shifting. Are you stuck repeating the same patterns or ready to reach your full potential? Experience transformational growth, overcome obstacles, and unlock new possibilities that get you results as you embark on a comprehensive self-discovery journey with dedicated support designed to catalyze you every step of the way

$3,444 USD


Working as an RN while also trying to build my business, and being there for my family made me feel stuck and overwhelmed. I wanted to replace my income in the medical field with income from my own business so that I can be there for my son and live life on my terms. I was struggling with a few addictions as well and working with Chantell has been life changing. She helped me achieve the results for myself, business, and my family. I now get to spend more time with my son, my relationships have improved and my business is growing. Working with Chantell was better than seeing my therapist!

- Emily 

This podcast is all about helping you step into your power, own your truth and create your spiritual journey and your successes on your terms. Here we explore any and all things spiritual like meditation, intuition, manifestation, mindset, Human design, trauma + healing, spiritual awakenings, crystals and more! 

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