Hi! I'm Chantell Leung a spiritual mentor & healer.

What I do: I help visionaries like you unlock your creator mode because if you're here, you crave freedom. You most likely have your own spiritual biz and understand that you won't cap yourself with an x amount of income or any type of limitations in the lifestyle you choose to immerse yourself in because you've learned that settling isn't the answer, so you work on your alignment, your energetics to tap into more expansion that's led you to results in the past but are continually unlocking more possibilities. 

Why I do it: Truth be told, this business was created from personal struggle and healing. One of my biggest challenges in life was not recognizing my own worth in the past.

  • I was a chronic people pleaser & thought I was bipolar right before my first spiritual awakening (yes, you can experience multiple awakenings.)

  • I suffered from c-ptsd, major anxiety and depression so got myself into toxic relationships 

  • my trauma and limiting beliefs were stopping me from really living and thriving. I didn't think it was possible for me to live the life I live now.


Overcoming these challenges and creating a life of freedom for myself, while feeling a sense of peace and wholeness has called me to help you do the same.


I've also had businesses in the past that didn't work because I was still stuck in people pleaser mode and undervaluing myself which led to burning out. It's all a part of the entrepreneurial journey and I've learned the lessons I really needed to integrate. (I'm a 3/5 Manifestor in Human Design) so experimenting is how I learn. Now, I've found something that lights me all the way up and allows me to make the impact I'm out to make and my heart is so full of gratitude that I get to connect so deeply with my clients and community. 


Through this work, I've had the honor of witnessing some of the most profound transformations and some of my clients have created these tangible results through healing:

✨Half a Million dollar business within 8 months

✨$80K+ Dream job and location

✨Luxury brand deals, consistent sales & opportunities

✨Business expansion from 1-3 businesses in just 13 months.

I’m here to remind you that it is absolutely possible to live your dream life!




Are you ready to surrender the struggle and embody your magic?

I look forward to connecting with you.



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Making an impact



  • Fear of success and worthiness. Fear that her package was too expensive

  • Holding a belief that she was here to serve a past version of herself from 10 years ago.

  • Putting others on a pedestal thinking that other experts within the same industry MUST know more and are better than herself.


  • After just one session, she signed on as her first 4- figure client in 2 days. 

  • She remembers her worth and power, her skill set, and what she can hold space for with her clients.

  • Not even 24 hours later, she has people filling out her applications wanting to work with her. She increased her prices 7x from her original prices successfully and have clients buying into her offerings.

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Working as an RN while also trying to build my business, and being there for my family made me feel stuck and overwhelmed. I wanted to replace my income in the medical field with income from my own business so that I can be there for my son and live life on my terms. I was struggling with a few addictions as well and working with Chantell has been life changing. She helped me achieve the results for myself, business, and my family. I now get to spend more time with my son, my relationships have improved and my business is growing. Working with Chantell was better than seeing my therapist!


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