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Surrender the struggle, embody your magic

ALCHEMY 30-day Private Support

Alchemy /ˈalkɪmi/ a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

You are the alchemist and when life hands you sh*t, you turn that sh*t into gold. There is so much freedom in knowing that you have the power to change and transform any type of vibe or situation.

Spiritual Alchemy

  • Healing, releasing, and transforming any situation for your highest good.


Love & Passion

  • Fall deeply in love with yourself as a whole whether it’s your dark femme that you’re embodying in this moment, your masculine - any and every part of whom you are as a being having a human experience.


Tools & Knowledge

  • To develop your innate psychic abilities & flex your intuition. 



  • Connect to the cosmos, your guides, and your higher self. You will not only understand how energy works but to harness your own - power your manifestations through building this connection within yourself.

This is for you if

  • You’re caught in a sh*t situation and you’re unsure of how to navigate to an outcome that’s for the highest good of all.

  • You recently noticed that you have a gift e.g. clairvoyant but are unsure how to use this psychic power.

  • You’re wanting to enhance and work on your own unique manifestation methods

  • You’re so ready and wanting to connect with your higher self, guides, and gain clarity.

  • You have always been empathic and want to better understand yourself and how you can use your gifts moving forward.

How it Works

  • 30 days of support & private access to me via Slack messenger.

  • Personal readings upon request during our energetic exchange.

    • If you have a question, we will invite your guides and channel messages.​

  • Personalized inner work & exercises.

    • Tools, resources, and exercises tailored to you in order for you to embody the energetics that inspire you to take aligned action.

Investment $4,444USD
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