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Self-Paced Courses

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HEAL is for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur feeling stuck in an area of your life.

  • You’re a content creator and want to learn how healing helps you up-level your life and business.

  • You’re a healer and you are ready to face your emotional wounds.

  • You’re ready to become a Master Manifestor.

Manifest is for you if:

  • You’re a driven CEO but unsure of why your manifestations haven’t been coming through and nothing seems to be working. 

  • You’re a content creator and you want to learn how to refine your own manifestation technique.

  • You're a healer and ready to get out of your own way and BE a Master Manifestor.

Client Stories



  • She wanted a new beginning but her ex-husband was holding her back and she was unable to sell her restaurant. They were both in this business together and even though the restaurant was technically in her name as sole owner, she felt like her ex was trying to sabotage and hold her back from moving on.

  • She was worried about her children and the effect the ongoing divorce had on them. 

  • She wanted to start another business but didn't have the means without the cash flow from the sale of the restaurant and was unsure of what business she wanted to pursue.


  • We did a cord-cutting and a month after, the sale goes through.

  • She now has some cash flow to invest in her next business and we discover that she now wants to start a business in the health and fitness industry. She opens a gym.

  • Her kids are sent healing and they start to open up to her more. She and her kids begin to bond on a deeper level rather than argue all the time. The children start to understand their father's character a bit more and lean on their mom for emotional support.

  • She moves out and purchases her own house so that she and her kids have a new start and a sense of security.

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