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Hunter's Full Moon - October 20, 2021

October's Full Moon in Aries is here to bring a lot of change and forward movement.

The core theme is aligned action while shining a spotlight on our deep agitation, aggression, and frustration helping us face the truth and own our power.

This ritual is all about assisting you to embody the empowered expression centered in the inner warrior, leadership, and confidence to move forward towards your goals.

Here's What You'll Get

  • Your personal release of old energies, beliefs, trauma, etc...

  • Oracle Card Pull 

  • Channeled Message

  • Energy Clearing

  • Chakra Balancing


(Oracle Card Pull & Channelled Message will be sent to you via email on Wednesday/Thursday)

How To Take Part

  • Fill out the form below, including your release (as broad or specific as you like)

  • Click "Submit & Subscribe"

(Full Moon Ritual is priced at $22 - payment details will be sent to your email after submission)

 Ritual intake closes on Wednesday at 5 pm (PST)

Full Moon Form

Thanks for submitting & subscribing. Your Full Moon Ritual has begun! Please check your email for payment details :)

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