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Chantell was referred to me by a friend and I went into our session with an open heart and open mind (you never really know what you're going to get!). I was blown away by Chantell's gift, her genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of each card she pulled, and the way she seemed to coach me throughout each message.

I have already referred her to friends of mine and look forward to leaning into

Chantell and her gift again in the future!

Kristie Shaver.jpg

Kristie Shaver - Ontario, Canada

Chantell is the real deal.

She is a total cheerleader, yet can give you tough love to get you out of your head and into action. She gave me a couple of minor tweaks that are helping my business immensely.

Do yourself a favor-talk with her.

Dawn Clark.jpg

Dawn Clark Dougherty - Florida, USA

Chantell is a highly gifted Healer and Oracle.

She will help you tap into yourself and reveal insights that will allow you to heal and help you remove blocks. Thus allowing you to get out of your own way and bring those "Gems" to the light. She is someone I trust and highly recommend.

Lazina Ramzan-Sahib.jpg

Lazina Ramzan-Sahib - Vancouver, Canada

Within the first few minutes of talking to Chantell, I felt safe, respected, and unconditionally supported. Chantell identified my pain point so quickly, I was shocked. She knew exactly what to say and how to say it. I feel so grateful I had a chance to connect with her and I've been feeling substantially more confident and on track since we had our first call. Honestly people, work with her soon before she's unreachable!

Maya Jules.jpg

Maya Jules - Los Angeles, USA

The coaching session with Chantell was awesome, very insightful, and filled with useful tips. Practical and easy to be immediately put to use. Loved her uplifting presence and attitude that brings much joy and clarity in whatever aspect you need help with.

Carman Traian.jpg

Carmen Traian- Iasi, Romania

I had a session with Chantell and it was great.

She was patient and provided so much confirmation for messages I needed clarity on.

Her insight was spot on and much appreciated. I felt completely empowered.

Arooj Ashraf.jpg

Arooj Ashraf - Boston, USA

Chantell has a beautiful way of recognizing people's gifts and potential. She has the ability to present them with clarity and passion. Reminding me of how important it is to be kind to ourselves, while believing we are worthy of greatness. My experience with Chantell was authentic, straightforward and kind. I loved every moment of it and would highly recommend anyone who would like the same experience to give Chantell a call.

Karolyn Lister.jpg

Karolyn Lister - Alberta, Canada

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