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Hey! I’m Chantell Leung. I’m an INFJ, Ennegram 4, Gemini with Scorpio rising + Aries moon, and a ⅗ Emotional Manifestor in human design. Hence, I make a lot of my decisions based on my emotions and intuition because I’m always learning to integrate more peace + alignment in my life and business.  


I’m grateful to share this life and this world with my partner + best friend Paddy and my fur child Otis. You can generally find us adventuring out to different metaphysical shops and trying new foods, beaching, playing tennis, catching up with family, reading or getting cozy to watch a series on netflix when we’re not working.  


I’ve crossed living in Spain for a few years off the bucket list, which is where I’m currently residing and planning for a wedding. My wedding. Holy sh*t, I’m getting married. Something I never really thought possible in what I call my previous life. 


My superpowers? Telling the truth compassionately, bringing structure to chaos, being a catalyst, and making an impact on the people I serve. I take my dreams seriously and have a tendency to swear like a drunken sailor at times when I get passionate about something. My parents have always said that I laugh loudly but can also ugly sob which is totally okay because it’s all a part of this messy human experience.  


In 2012, I had my first spiritual awakening and having an existential crisis. I kept searching from that time up until about 2015 for more meaning and my purpose of being here at earth school. I tried everything from blogging, cooking, and even sewing to get an understanding of myself. I even got certified to be a life coach and then a certified Sechiem + Reiki Master. Then, in 2016, I went through my Saturn return and second awakening. (Yes, you can have more than one awakening in your lifetime.) that led to calling off my previous engagement and moving to another province. Clearly, spirit was saying enough is enough which forced me to reclaim my purpose in this incarnation.  


Since then, my role has been to help you claim ownership of your life in way that feels empowering + anchored. Challenging you to define success on your own terms. Teaching you to practice self-trust aka listening to your own inner wisdom and loving yourself. And always reminding you that you are enough + whole + capable. 

(Because it’s true. You really are.) 


I do this through spiritual, energetic, and practical guidance. It's time to let go of the self-sabotage, to surrender the struggle, and embody your magic. Let's bridge the spiritual world with your every day so you're clear, grounded, and achieving from a place of alignment together!  

with so much love,


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