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Cord Cutting Ritual

Cord Cutting VIP: Ritual | Interpretation | Distance Healing


cut that shit out - cutting ties to whomever & whatever that no longer serves you and your higher purpose

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

This is for you if

  • You’re ready to heal & move on from a toxic relationship or situation

  • You want to sever unhealthy ties from trauma, a pattern, or fear that you've been experiencing from the past or present

  • You’re ready to reclaim your energy

What you get:
  • Upon purchase, you'll receive a downloadable pdf. with all ritual information.


  • You will receive the ritual video recording & interpretation, along with channeled messages via email report within 5 business days.

  • You will also receive 20 minutes of distance healing, also included as the after-care process.

  • When you purchase this service, you will need to complete the intake form with your Full name and ONE problem, person, place, situation, pattern, or thing you wish to cut cords with. It can be past or present. (Describe what is going on in this part of your life, what it feels like or how it’s been negatively impacting you.)

  • A (non-live) ritual will be performed, you will receive a video time-lapse of the ritual, along with any other channeled messages that come through during the process in the email report sent to you afterwards. All info will be sent to you via email. If you wish, you can request a free body scan meditation as a part of the aftercare process so you can keep your physical, mental, and spirit body attuned.

How it works:

Cord cutting is a healing practice that helps you cut ties with depleting or unhealthy emotional dynamics, allowing you to break free from energy-sucking relationships, patterns, past lives, situations. It's vital to stress that cord cutting isn't about severing healthy emotional ties with loved ones; rather, it's about removing emotional barriers that are consciously and unconsciously limiting you. By going through this healing process and removing cords of attachment, it allows relationships to grow into more evolved states—or even for you to outgrow them altogether.


Cords of attachment are formed whenever there is an unfulfilled desire or need within you or between you and someone else. When your relationship with another person isn't equal or reciprocal, it becomes an obtrusive presence that lowers your vibration and causes energy blockages in your energy field. Cords can form between any two persons or groups of people who have strong emotional bonds. Energetic connections can exist between lovers, friends, family, coworkers, ex-spouses, and even acquaintances. Thus, cord-cutting is beneficial for relationships developed or perpetuated by fear, power, anxiety, or a need to dominate or suppress. You will also receive a booster through distance reiki and energy healing.


By choosing to go through this process, your vibration rises. Cord cutting is a technique for freeing your soul from low-frequency obstructions to living your most authentic life and formulating healthier relationships. The results can lead to feelings of happiness, lightness, relief, and attracting more positive people and situations into your life.

If you wish to purchase a Cord Cutting Interpretation only 
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